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READ A SONG© training and materials create numerous opportunities throughout the school day for integrating high frequency and sight word acquisition within core curriculum while encouraging dynamic student engagement.

  • Initial on-site training for early childhood staff in the use and rationale of the READaSONG method
  • Follow up on-site training enables teachers to observe classroom lessons conducted with their own K-2 students in order to see the process, power and impact of READaSONG modeled
  • The songs encourage high levels of student engagement and reading comprehension across many curriculum areas.
  • They combine simple, familiar tunes with targeted sight words and controlled vocabulary to integrate teaching reading with many specific skills and early childhood concepts.
  • READ A SONG printed materials are easy to use. Teachers can use READ A SONG fold-a-charts to differentiate for tiered large-group instruction.
  • Students can enjoy interacting with the materials in large or small groups, centers, work stations or at home.
  • CD songs as tools are or will be available soon. A 4 CD set of almost 250 Sight Word songs and chants is now part of Sight Word sets. A 2 CD set with 100 tracks of Social Interaction, Proactive Classroom Behavior Management, Routines, Bully Prevention and Celebrations is now included with that set. A CD now accompanies the Alphabet Letter Name and Sound songs and includes a bonus, the audio versions for the Color Songs. The Language Arts CD is almost complete. Other CD sets have been recorded and are scheduled to be edited.
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