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Sight Word Songs and Chants Fold-a-charts for about 250 words
Sight Word Fold-a-charts are printed on heavy 18x12 paper and are made so they can be folded and stored like file folders and opened to use as reading charts with the class. Now includes a 4 CD set of more than 4 hours of music which features all of the sight word songs and chants.

The lyrics are written in large print across the two inside sections of the open folder. 

The featured word is printed in huge print on the front of the folded folder chart. Those on color word fold-a-charts are featured in those colors on the folders' front sections. The word should be shown before introducing the lyrics. It can also serve as a giant flash card once other songs have been taught.

The word appears again in the upper left hand corner of the folder for filing purposes. This corner word is color-coded for easy sorting into Primer, Pre Primer, First, Second, Third and Additional sight words.

Directions suggesting how the song should be introduced in order to actively engage students while singing or chanting are printed on the back of the folder facing the instructor. Information about how to use the song folders with large or small group tiered or differentiated instruction is included in the set.

ListenListen to Sight Word Songs.